Go beyond script analysis.  Get expert career consultation from a working Hollywood screenwriter.

Writing a great screenplay is a tall order.  Building a screenwriting career is a whole other mountain to climb.  You need the proper tools and know-how:  An understanding of the marketplace.  Representation you can count on.  Alternate buyers if the studios don’t bite.  

You’ll need to know how to correctly format and present your script, how to protect yourself from being ripped off, how to pitch effectively, how to conduct yourself in a meeting, how to attach talent, which websites to post your script on, which screenplay contests to enter (and which to avoid), and how, if you’re so inclined, to go the independent route and direct your own film.  

Most importantly, and before all else, you'll need to know how to write a script that will stand apart from the rest of the stack and have its best shot of selling. 

These are things you can’t learn from a class or book or seminar.  You either learn from experience or from someone else’s experience.  

By utilizing my consulting services, you will gain access to the skills I've honed, the tricks I've learned and the contacts I've made in my fifteen years as a working screen and television writer with multiple produced credits.

Here are some of the services I can offer you:

        • Script development.  Through phone sessions or in-person meetings, I can help you develop your script from the concept phase (using the 11 Fundamental Questions method) through the outline and on to the first and subsequent drafts.  

        • Script analysis.  I can read your finished screenplay and provide you with candid, constructive feedback and notes that only a working professional can offer.

        • Career consultation.  Whether you’re just starting out or well on your way, I can help you boost your screenwriting career to the next level with an easy-to-follow game plan, expert advice and reams of resources from which to draw.

        • A guide to the independent world.  The studios and networks aren’t the only game in town.  There’s a whole world of independent buyers out there.  I’ll expose you to the mini-majors, indy production companies and financiers, film funds and foreign investors that are looking for your script right now.

        • Tips and techniques of the A-List screenwriters.  My years in the business and work on the Board of Directors of the Writers Guild of America West has exposed me to dozens of the top screen and TV writers in the business.  Learn the secrets that brought them creative and financial success.

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