In addition to being a Professor of Screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University's School of Film & Television, I often teach at conferences, workshops and seminars.  Recently I've been teaching a masterclass on the 11 Fundamental Questions, a story-breaking method that I've been using to great success for almost a decade.

My screenwriting classes range from a ninety minute 11 Fundamental Questions course to an eight week intensive workshop.  Topics covered in my screenwriting technique class include story and outline development; scene, sequence and act structure; writing colorful characters, descriptions and dialogue; writing for the various genres; writing for films vs. writing for TV; establishing tone, pace and theme; proper formatting; rewriting; and the business of screenwriting.  I have also taught classes on pitching, independent filmmaking, directing, and writing for digital media.

Please check my rate card or email me for rates, references and availability.